VIC workshop in Frankfurt

On 07.09.2019 we had the opportunity to provide a 2-hour workshop entitled “Assessing and enhancing integration competences of refugees” in the framework of the Language Day (German as a foreign language) organised by the Hessische Volkshochschulverband. The workshop involved teachers and counsellors that provide integration and languages courses for refugees. After the presentation of the VIC project and its concept and approach, the participants discussed which competences help migrants  and refugees to integrate and how can teachers and counsellors promote and recognise them.
Also the blended learning course and the validation method LEVEL5 were presented. The participants then tried out LEVEL5 and assessed their intercultural communication competences in a practial exercise.

The feedback was critically positive and the course participants confirmed that already the mere reflection on learning processes and progress can be an asset in the competence development process. They also showed a great deal of interest in the e-learning modules provided on the VIC Moodle platform.